Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's About Dang Time...

WHAT'S UP, MY LOVLIES?! First of all, I want everyone to know that I ALMOST put a bad word in place of 'dang.' Yes, my potty mouth doth run amok daily. I don't know why I felt compelled to announce that, but I did nonetheless. I realize my absence has caused many a sleepless night for some while others have rejoiced. Never fear, for I have returned to the world of all things cyber.

Let's's been over a year since I put anything up here. Much has changed. We've begun a new school year, Clem's deployed AGAIN (this time to Afghanistan) and we're all a year older.

Lilly has been going through all those awful allergy shots. That's a FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC time for her, I tell ya what. That reminds me, I missed her shots for this week. I'm on top of usual. She's in 5th grade and has the same teacher from 4th grade. That woman's a godsend. They know each other well enough that there aren't too many problems. And she isn't afraid to lay the verbal smackdown on my child as needed. (Let's face it. We all know that's a daily occurrence.)

Kay's in 3rd grade now and continues to be the voice of reason for her sisters. She's always eager to help me around the house. (No joke. She ASKS me if she can dust or vacuum or whatever when she's bored. Weird kid, but I ain't complainin'.) She reads to Alyssa every night before lights out. That's awesome. Not that I dislike reading to the kids, but there's always something that needs my attention more.

Alyssa's in 1st grade and is still the teacher's favorite. She got a 100 on something yesterday ( I don't think even she knew what it was.), and made it a point to tell her Kindergarten teacher about it. Her perspective continues to crack me up everyday. She really hates this story, but I feel it's necessary to demonstrate my point.

Back in February, I had been at Mom and Dad's hitting golf balls in the pasture. It was rather warm that day, and constant tee shots really work up a sweat. So I went back in the house when I was finished when Alyssa busted in the room while I was putting deodorant on. You know the drill. Hands up underneath your shirt while you're bent over a smidge. Anyway, the conversation proceeded as such:

Alyssa: Mom, what are you doing to your boobs?
Me: I'm not doing anything. I'm putting on deodorant. {Quizzical silence as she observes with a look of utter disgust on her face.} Why? What do you know about boobs anyway?
Alyssa: {very matter-of-factly} They are jiggly. {exit Alyssa through the door from when she entered.}

What am I up to? Started yet another year of school. Changed my major to general studies so I can transfer to TAMUCT (Texas A&M Central Texas) in the spring to pursue my BA in PoliSci. Then on to law school. I'd like to go to UT Law one of these days. We shall see.

What else is there.....?? Oh yes, Leighann got married in July. She married Skylar. They seem to be broke and happy these days in Utah. Goin' to school and workin'. Pretty grown up stuff.

Well, that seems to be all I have time for at the moment. Time for chow. Looks like breakfast for dinner. It's quick...ish, easy and doesn't warrant any whining and/or complaining from my offspring. And that's a good thing. Ciao, peeps!

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